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Online Training Across the World: Interact With Others

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Independent of Time Zones and Locations

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tekom Certification Examination

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We Provide Support for Professionals All Over the World

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Enhance Your Employees’ Professional Development

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Translators specializing in technical communication have many new career opportunities

Technical communication is a great field for translators to work in: There is a high demand for qualified translation services. Many translators are already working as technical translators and many highly qualified technical translators are working as multilingual technical writers in technical communication. 

Many companies employ specialists with high-level foreign language skills who are capable of producing technical documentation directly in the target language. The professional skills of translators correspond to those of technical communication. Standards such as the IEC 82079-1:2012 require a special qualification of translators in technical communication.

TCTrain courses give translators the opportunity to fill the gap and combine their language skills with their new technical communication skills. They are able to acquire a high level of qualification, which is confirmed by the internationally recognized tekom "Technical Communicator (tekom)" certificate. This equips them well for the challenges of the future. 

Gain Some Insights from a Former Participant 

TCTrain Professional course has provided me with a very good training in order to become a technical communicator. Throughout this course I discovered the big world hidden in the technical documents and all the work it represents. I was always interested to learn about the complete organizational structure that concerns how to create a user or installation manual from zero. With TCTrain Professional course I could learn the whole process. This course gives a lot of information and it is easy to understand. [...] After completing the training I have a better appreciation of the process of technical manual generation in our company. Now we save time and gain quality!