<h3>Online Training Across the World: Interact With Others</h3><h2>Boost Your Career</h2>

Online Training Across the World: Interact With Others

Boost Your Career

<h3>Independent of Time Zones and Locations</h3><h2>Combine Work and Study</h2>

Independent of Time Zones and Locations

Combine Work and Study

<h3>tekom Certification Examination</h3><h2>Get Your Formal Qualification</h2>

tekom Certification Examination

Get Your Formal Qualification

<h3>We Provide Support for Professionals All Over the World</h3><h2>Learn in a Flexible Manner</h2>

We Provide Support for Professionals All Over the World

Learn in a Flexible Manner

<h3>Enhance Your Employees’ Professional Development</h3><h2>Qualify Your Staff</h2>

Enhance Your Employees’ Professional Development

Qualify Your Staff

Become a Sales Partner

To meet the global demands of customers, we need to think globally and act locally. This is why we are teaming up with partners worldwide.

As part of our cooperative environment, partners benefit from:

  • Increased revenues through a partnership approach 
  • New business development opportunities
  • Joint development of cooperative marketing campaigns 
  • The ability to deliver a professional training and certification program to customers

We are looking for sales partners to broaden our global network. Partner with tcworld/TCTrainNet and get the opportunity to expand your product portfolio and your customer base by selling our certified training program.

This is the ideal solution to improve your skills in technical communication and be certified by tekom at the same time. 
We recommend that our potential partners have background knowledge in the above-mentioned product ranges, a dedicated sales team and their own storage facilities. Knowledge of the English language is a precondition.

Our Sales Partners


JPDocu School of Technical Writing is a training company that is passionate about user assistance, technical communications and making it a positive user experience. If you are looking for a fast track into the world of technical writing, we can help!

Our focus is on:

  • e-learning standalone courses development and distribution
  • on-line instructor-led training courses, delivered globally
  • on-site instructor-led training courses, in Bulgaria and Europe

Learning technical writing is easy - after all, it's just plain docu!


World Translation helps exporters expand globally and enter into new markets around the world. We are a Language Service Provider supplying high-quality translations and other language services in all languages all over the world, regardless of the type of the text or language combination. Quality is a crucial parameter for any translation. 

How we ensure delivery of first-rate solutions:

  • Highly-trained and qualified native language translators
  • Project managers who are language graduates and service-minded
  • The best translation and terminology tools

On this basis we have one clear objective: we want to do our job so well that language barriers are nothing to speak of.


JTCA was originally founded in January 1992 as a professional organization for those who dealt with instructions for various products and services. As of January 2009, JTCA was re-established as a general incorporated foundation.
JTCA aims to improve the lives of Japanese citizens by improving information quality, raising safety levels and preventing operational errors when using industrial products. The organization contributes to society through public-interest activities.


HansemEUG, Inc. leads language service industry in Korea with its extensive background in developing content for a variety of audiences and localizing content in more than 40 different languages with a greater focus on Asian (CCJK and SEA) languages.

Our one-stop localization service provides access to dedicated translators in Asia and includes a specialized translation process, quality audit, competitive pricing and proactive customer service.

Also we provide content authoring and development for global companies and their products. The products we deal with include IT products, media and imaging devices, and medical and industrial equipment.