<h3>Online Training Across the World: Interact With Others</h3><h2>Boost Your Career</h2>

Online Training Across the World: Interact With Others

Boost Your Career

<h3>Independent of Time Zones and Locations</h3><h2>Combine Work and Study</h2>

Independent of Time Zones and Locations

Combine Work and Study

<h3>tekom Certification Examination</h3><h2>Get Your Formal Qualification</h2>

tekom Certification Examination

Get Your Formal Qualification

<h3>We Provide Support for Professionals All Over the World</h3><h2>Learn in a Flexible Manner</h2>

We Provide Support for Professionals All Over the World

Learn in a Flexible Manner

<h3>Enhance Your Employees’ Professional Development</h3><h2>Qualify Your Staff</h2>

Enhance Your Employees’ Professional Development

Qualify Your Staff

Become a Certified Technical Writer

Train and get certified with TCTrainNet, the international online training and certification program for technical writers in English. Developed by recognized leaders from the industry and the academic world, TCTrainNet offers comprehensive curricula and course material that comply with the tekom Competence Framework.

It offers two types of courses at two course levels, both of which get you prepared for the international certification “Technical Communicator (tekom)”. Benefit from TCTrainNet: Expand your skills, enhance your expertise, prepare for new job opportunities or provide your staff with state-of-the-art training.

Benefits of TCTrainNet

Choose the Course That Meets Your Needs

Start Your Career

Are you planning on a career as a technical communicator in the future? Are you a language specialist, an engineer or a professional with a different background interested in technical communication? TCTrainNet provides in-depth and practical training for professionals.

Boost Your Career

Are you up to date with the new trends in technical communication? With TCTrainNet, you can boost your career as a technical writer or communicator, expand your skills and competencies and increase your employability.

Qualify Your Staff

Enhance your employees’ professional development and/or define qualification standards for your staff: TCTrainNet provides special and flexible solutions for companies from all industry sectors and offers international employee learning programs in technical communication (TC).

What our training participants say: