Training and Certification for Technical Writers / Technical Communicators

TCTrainNet is an international training and certification program in Technical Communication, designed and managed by tekom, the German professional association for technical communication.

It provides Technical Writers / Technical Communicators online training on entry and advanced level which can also be used as a preparation course for the international tekom certification.

Benefits of TCTrainNet


  • Discover exciting new aspects of your profession
  • Acquire an internationally recognized professional qualification
  • Keep your qualification up to date
  • Use your certificate for marketing your skill
  • Keep up with university graduates
  • Increase your employability
  • Gain more job mobility


  • Define a qualification standard for your whole staff
  • Establish comparable skill levels for international teams
  • Get introductory training for your employees
  • Leverage the flexibility of your staff members
  • Agree on personal development schemes with your Technical Writers
  • Make professional development a part of your staff retainment program

Be part of our cooperative environment and expand your business!

Any questions?

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