Expand Your Skills as a Technical Communicator

Receive Your International Certificate

TCTrain Expert Course

Expand Your Skills and Become an Expert in Technical Communication with the TCTrain Expert Course.

The TCTrain Expert Course is specially designed for:

  • Professional technical writers, technical communicators and technical authors with a minimum work experience of 2 years in the field of TC
  • Graduates of the TCTrain Professional Course with a minimum practical working experience of 1 year in the field of TC

Before starting the training program, you will consult with one of our experts to define your individual focus. Later, we will build a curriculum customized for you. Plan on committing approximately 6 months and additional 3 months for the assignment on a technical project.

You will expand your expertise and boost your knowledge in the following areas:

Certification as Technical Communicator

Prove your qualification and gain your international "Technical Communicator (tekom) Expert Level" certificate. The Expert Level examination comprises a technical project as thesis and an online exam.

The "Technical Communicator (tekom) Expert Level" tekom certificate is internationally recognized and an independent formal proof of your advanced qualification, competencies and professional expertise.

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