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Benefit from TCTrainNet

Successful training adheres to the industry standards, provides up-to-date knowledge, can be implemented into practical use easily and covers the most relevant competence areas. Benefit from our comprehensive know-how in technical communication and from our high content quality.

We understand our industry and “day-to-day reality". Since 2011, TCTrainNet is successfully represented in the market and accredited by tekom and The Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC). Training content is based on the high standards of the tekom Cross-Industry Competence Framework for Technical Communication.


TCTrainNet is the only online training program for technical communication with a unique and complete concept for training and certifying technical communicators

  • International program in English
  • Independent of time zones and locations, flexible online training allows you to combine work and study 
  • Support from online staff ensures learning transfer and learning outcome
  • Peer group learning ensures international exchange of experience in the community
  • Two training and certification levels for Professionals and Experts as defined by levels 4-5 of the European Qualification Framework (EQF) provide individual training 
  • Certification complies with the requirements of the international standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17024


Extra Benefits for You
While you are participating in our online training programs, tekom offers you a student membership in tekom. Also, you can take part in our webinars for free and you will even get discounts on event tickets etc.

Professional Level Qualification

The TCTrain Professional Course is specially designed for:

  • Professionals new to the technical communication sector and career changers
  • Information developers, engineers
  • Translators, localization specialists and vendors

What Will You Learn?

The TCTrain Professional Course consists of five competence areas that build upon each other. You will need to commit to approximately 7 hours per week for 8 months.


  • Legal and normative requirements
  • Information processing and target groups
  • Media
  • Information development and principles of project management
  • Information products
  • Structuring and standardization, online documentation and DITA
  • Content management
  • Layout and visual design
  • Terminology
  • Text creation and quality assurance
  • Content presentation
  • Translation
  • Publishing and printing


Prove your qualification and receive your international "Technical Communicator (tekom) - Professional Level" certificate.

Expert Level Qualification

The TCTrain Expert Course is specially designed for:

  • Professional technical writers, technical communicators and technical authors with a minimum work experience of 2 years in the field of TC
  • Graduates of the TCTrain Professional Course with a minimum practical working experience of 1 year in the field of TC

What Will You Learn?

TCTrain Expert training program is the right choice for you if you already are a technical communicator with background knowledge and work experience in the technical communications sector. Here you can expand your expertise and competencies. Before starting the training program, you will consult with one of our experts to define your individual focus. Later, we will build a curriculum customized for you. Plan on committing approximately 6 months and additional 3 months for the assignment on a technical project.


  • Target groups and country-specific requirements
  • Legal and normative requirements
  • Products, technologies and media
  • Information development
  • Project management
  • Structuring, standardization, information architecture and content management
  • Professional technical writing
  • Graphics and images
  • Integration and quality assurance
  • Localization and translation
  • Terminology


Prove your qualification and receive your international "Technical Communicator (tekom) Expert Level" certificate.