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A majority of the technical writers today have entered the profession without first having an accredited training or formal qualification, many of whom come from different professions. They have experience in technical writing through on-the-job training without being formally certified.

In-depth knowledge is a key production factor today. It is important to keep up with the latest developments and acquire new relevant skills as IT-related industries only stay up to date between 2-4 years. An official proof of professional experience is very important in that context and helps to promote your career. TCTrainNet courses offer you a high level of qualification. This is confirmed by the ‘Technical Communicator (tekom)’ certificate, which is internationally recognized.


Gain Some Insights from a Former Participant

I think I first heard about TCTrainNet a couple of years ago at a technical writing conference. It piqued my interest, so afterwards, I looked up the site. Although I had been working as a technical writer for several years, I had not yet had any formal training in the field. I liked the idea of expanding my knowledge and getting an official certificate. Now that I have almost completed the course, I can say that I have really enjoyed learning about aspects of technical communication that I hadn’t given much thought before. Even if you have technical writing experience, this course will be beneficial for you and your career.