Facts about TC

Technical Communicators: Media and Communication Specialists in Demand

Technical communicators are in demand all over the world. Technical communication experts have a wide choice of secure and sustainable jobs in the information engineering sector. Technical communication is a key to success for companies and the sector is growing constantly: In Germany, for example, 1.3% of the employees in the industry currently work in the technical communications sector, while 3.6% of the employees work in the software sector (tekom Sectoral Metrics, 2017).

Professionals with varied technical backgrounds work in technical communication; more than 80% have a different career background with more or less experience in technical communication. Some professionals, for example, have a translation and localization background, while others come from software development, engineering or linguistics.

Be Successful and Attractive to Employers

It’s a fact that expert knowledge in IT-related sectors such as technical communication stays up to date between 2-4 years only. Being up to date and keeping your professional development continuous is crucial, as knowledge is one of the most significant production factors today.

No matter how much experience and knowledge you already have, you can always learn new skills, grow your professional career and be attractive to potential employers. Qualified and experienced employees are always in demand.

Facts and Figures

More than half (57.3%) of all employers recruit their employees in the technical communications sector because of one key factor: The employee’s specific qualification in technical communication (tekom survey - Salary and Job Market, 2016).

The tekom certificate “Technical Communicator (tekom)” proves that an employee or applicant with or without experience in the technical communications sector is highly qualified in this specific field. In Germany, about 15% of all applicants with non-technical communications background have this certificate and the number is growing worldwide.

For many companies, the reputation of the tekom certificate is comparable to a university degree: 40.7% of the employers favor the tekom certification in addition to a university degree. About two thirds of the interviewed employers (67.9%) consider the qualification level of the tekom certificate holders to be high to very high.

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