Why professional training is important

    Most TechWriters / Technical Communicators are "late career entrants" as they have usually acquired at least one vocational qualification before they entered Technical Communication. Therefore, there has always been a strong demand for professional training. Our international training and certification program in Technical Communication is tailored to these specific needs.

    "Training courses and certification in the area of technical communication provide many benefits, including opportunities to deepen your knowledge in areas that you are already familiar with to some degree, explore other areas that you may have only had limited exposure to in your professional experience, as well as attain formal qualifications that make you more valuable to employers.

    They are also an excellent opportunity to meet new people who share your interest in this exciting, versatile area of work."

    Ray Culp
    Online Trainer TCTrainNet

Online Training

Profit from tekom’s huge educational experience and profit from the top-notch training contents on the TCTrainNet online training platform. Learn at your own pace

  • depending on how much time you can invest
  • whenever you have some time left
  • regardless of the time zone in which you are located
  • whether you are in your office, at home or travelling
  • and last but not least – more cost efficiently than with on-site courses

Training Contents

The online training course aims to develop a solid introduction to technical communication, with practical orientation. The curriculum and learning materials were developed by leading professionals and experts from both industry and academia.

It consists of five competence areas that build upon each other.

1. Context Analysis

  • Legal and Normative Requirements
  • Information Processing and Target Group
  • Media

2. Planning

  • Information Development and Principles of Project Planning and Management

3. Concept Development

  • Information Products
  • Structuring and Standardization, Online Documentation and DITA
  • Content Management
  • Layout and Visual Design
  • Terminology

4. Content Creation

  • Text Creation and Quality Assurance
  • Content Presentation
  • Translation

5. Media Production, Publication and Distribution

  • Publishing and Printing

High quality training format

With TCTrainNet you will learn in three steps, in a motivating work environment, using social web communication with other trainees:

1. Gain knowledge

  • Webcasts
  • Interactive web‐based trainings
  • Repository with learning materials

2. Practise your knowledge

  • Discussion Forums
  • WIKIs
  • Chat / Email
  • Exercises and Tasks

3. Test your knowledge

  • Online Self-Assessment

All trainees are supported by an online trainer who coaches them as long as they are working through the online course.


What do you need to start the online training course? 

  • Technically, you need broadband online access and a standard browser to access the training management system (Moodle)
  • The course language is English, you need intermediate language skills

Who pays for the training?

Some TechWriters pay for their training and the certification personally. In many cases companies pay for the training of their employees. So, check out your personal professional development plan.


How much will your training cost?

Please contact us and tell us what your personal need is: info(at)tc-train.net

Be part of our cooperative environment and expand your business!

Any questions?

“If you have any questions, please feel free to Opens external link in new windowcontact our team for individual, professional support and consultancy. We will be glad to help in any way we can!"