Why tools are not enough

    "Technical Communication is a very complex and highly differentiated process in parallel to the general product development process. Its outputs are "information products" of any kind that help people to use the products safely and effectively. Technical Communicators are experts who are trained to keep this information creation process running.


    Many training programs focus on tool training for technical writing or on structuring methods like DITA. Of course, the ability of using specialized tools or standards is basic for Technical Communicators – but by far not enough. Technical Communication is not only the art of using specialized tools. It requires a broad set of skills and competencies."

    Dr. Michael Fritz
    Chief Executive Director tekom / tcworld GmbH 

Job Profile of Technical Communicators

Based on empirical data collected from leading manufacturers, software companies and service firms tekom has developed a reference model for the training and examination of technical communicators. The model comprises seven steps that represent the basic competencies of the profession. According to the model Technical Communicators / Technical Writers …

  • analyze products, legal requirements, markets, customers, users, etc.
  • develop content models, media concepts, standards and software tool support
  • plan the content creation and media production process
  • develop written, graphical, video or other contents
  • generate media output
  • release their information products
  • receive feedback by the users

Beyond this basic process there is always a management process that e.g. assigns resources to the core process. There are also quite a number of parallel or support processes like terminology, localization, quality assurance etc. that are necessary to maintain the core process.

TCTrainNet and the international tekom certification are built to train TechWriters / Technical Communicators on these different aspects of the art.


You will find further information at:  http://www.technical-communication.org/career-education/technical-communicator.html












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