Why tekom certification for TechWriters?

    "Validating non-formal learning through certification is of increasing importance across Europe and worldwide.Statistical figures show that, in Germany, more than 70% of technical communicators are lateral entrants with a different professional background.

    Although they often have informal knowledge, there is a lack of formal recognition of their competencies in technical communication.

    tekom offers formal certification for technical communicators since 2004, and more than 1000 people have already been certified by tekom. TCTrainNet can be your pathway from learning to certification."

    Dr. Daniela Straub
    Consultancy Projects - Training and Certification at tcworld

International tekom Certification – Proof of Competence

Take an advantage from the international tekom certification program whether you are a job entrant, a practitioner or an employer.

  • The certification is open to all groups of persons, with or without academic background
  • As a preparation for the examination, all forms of learning are welcome, university programs, training courses or informal learning
  • Applications for examination can be made all over the year. Examination dates are arranged on demand
  • All examinations are held online, using an online meeting platform
  • The examinations take round about one hour, with individual assignments and a group interview, all in English language

After passing the examination successfully graduates receive the international tekom certificate that testifies that they are qualified to work as a Technical Communicator.

Three-step Certification Process

For the certificate, three independent steps culminate in the "Technical Communicator (tekom)" certificate.

1. Step: Counseling

People intending to change careers and without any previous experience in technical communication can participate in the qualification counseling to gain insight into the required knowledge, proficiency and skills of the profession though an in-depth conversation with an expert.
To qualify for the tekom certificate, technical communicators with more than 2 years of professional experience must participate in qualification counseling. Qualified tekom counselors will determine – based on the tekom Competence Framework for Technical Communication – the individual qualification status and personal advanced training requirement.

The qualification counseling is free to tekom members who pay membership fees. Non-members and unemployed members pay a fee of 75 or 25 Euro respectively plus VAT. Please Opens external link in new windowcontact us for the international counselor list and further information.

2. Step: Qualification

For the qualification, tekom collaborates with training providers. People changing careers without any previous experience must successfully complete the training in technical communication from an education/training provider accredited by tekom to qualify for the tekom certification exam for technical communicators.

TCTrainNet is a preparation course for the international tekom certification.

For further information about the curriculum visit the Opens external link in new windowTCTrainNet Training Platform.

3. Step: Certification

 As per the examination regulations, the following requirements must be met to qualify for the examination:

  • Either participation in qualification counseling and a minimum of 2 years professional experience in the field of technical communication
  • or participation in qualification counseling and a multi-month training program with a training institute accredited by tekom.

Registration is to be completed before the end of the registration deadline. All examinations take place online. The dates will be organized and communicated by tekom.

For an overview of all information and forms for the tekom certification, please click here.



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